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Eperimental Arduino Robot Platform

Navigate around via IR sensors.

This is my first robot, i chose to use arduino because of its relitivly simplistic and modular take on the whole programable logic jazz. the robot itself is in very early stages of development, i'd just finnished first assembly before i took these picks.

       currently it comprises of the arduino board itself along with my homemade prototype shield. Two continuous rotation servos for a drive system and a normal servo with an IR distance sensor on top. The arduino is powerd by a 9v cell that is conected through the onboard voltage regulator and the servos are powerd using 4 AA 1.5v cells.

       i chose to use continuous rotation servos insted of motors because it negates the need to mess about with motor drivers, somthing i was not so keen to do with my first robot.

       at the moment all it realy does is go up to a wall, stop, look left, look right then go whatever way is best (nothing in the way). in spite of my username i have not yet mastered arduino and am still fairly new to it, so my main challange is to write some more advanced code to make it do cool stuff. Any advice or sugestions on a better method of programing would be much appriciated. To do this i also need some different sensors 'n stuff, but being a student i have more pressing things to buy so progres may not be as quick as i had hoped :P 


Improvements i intend to make:

  •  Experiment with a veriety of different sensors.
  • make an improved chassis and add an enclosure.
  • Replace the continuous rotation servos with propper motors for better speed because its pretty slow, and now i have a little expirience i reacon i can code for it now.
  • Give it tracks (tracks are cool :P).
  • create more areas for experimenting.


i just purchased this robot chassis  http://photos.tradeholding.com/attach/hash246/94198/rp5_chassis__dagu_robot_.jpg

looks pretty nicely constructed, and it has tracks YEY! it containes 2x 9v motors so i'll need to buy a motor controller, so far i think this is my best choice


it seems to be widely used with arduino and comes in a neat little package. if anyone else has sugestions for other motor controlers please shout. i'd opt for simplicity to progran rather than less I/O pins used.


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Rik! Don`t you know how lists on the intarwebs work? the 2nd last point is "?" and the last point should always be "Profit!" :D


But cool robot anyway McDuino and personally I say good job! on choosing an arduino. I myself started with 1 too and found it powerful and flexible.