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robo car


    can any 1 plz tell ho w to creat a robo car just simple car thtat can move ,move on right and left which we will move witth the help on a control and i daont want any hi fi  remoto contron also its ok if tis work with electric  or any els pla help me 


plz i am new to this so plz kindly give some time for me by giving some brif information hoe to creat it  and help me 

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You might want to take a look at this - http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2164

It´s a toy car hacking little project, the car goes in the direction of light sources.
I know you don´t want to use any microcontoller, but it can serve as inspiration.

Good luck and Namaste :-)

If you can't order off the internet, like rik mentioned, I would recommend scrapping toy cars. The remote control cars for kids. I went to a thrift store and for $3 I got a small r/c car with no controller, but I took the steering assembly out as well as the drive motor. I even used the battery holder out of it.


yes u r right "rik"


  • i want a small car, A toy size
  • powered by electric no plrblem if it is connected to through dc
  • and if i want to take turns with car   who can i take  ( means if i want to take left  how can i do?)
  • as simple as posible
  • actually i want to made a car and i want to present car in my collage
  • sorry for my bad english  "rik" plz help me 


wired remote

motors and gearbox


power plug


All cheap tamiya stuff that should be available at your local hobby shop. Stick it all to a base of your choice. Get any wall plug that outputs 5v or less and wire it into the remote control. Bobs-yer-uncle diy remote control car.

Ezekiel is probably right about all the Tamiya stuff. But if ordering over the Internet is a problem and you happen to live too far away from shops that sell these parts, you have a different challenge.

Please inform us of your possibilities and options. Are there any model builders shops around?What is your experience in building things? What (if you don't mind me asking) is your age?

There must be some old toys you can recycle? Or maybe old power tools? Did you know that really small motors are in most cell phones and pagers? And batteries too. And they come with chargers that plug into the wall. That's half your problems sorted out.

Don't worry about steering until you've got the driving accomplished.

but on one told me about robot car

see i want a simple car by 2 moters, wheels, but how can i connect through electric( means direct to ac power ) insted of battries,

and one dout i always have if we make a simple moter car if we want to take a right turn how can we do? is its possible without any chip or any program ?

sorry for bad english 

One thing does not make sense to me, you want a robot car but you don't want any microprocessor or programming?

That is a contradiction in terms.

Your asking for one thing but want something completely different....

You don't need a microprocessor or programming to have a robot with logic.

Let's try first to get your question right.

Reading your comment from today. I understand that you are hoping to build this:

  • A car, or car like vehicle. How big do you need this car to be? Toy size? Small aid in the garden? Full size car for in the streets?
  • Powered by electricity.
  • Electricity from then main power grid, which is Alternating Current (AC).
  • With two electric motors.
  • Which implies you want to steer it by means of "differential drive". That's tech speak for turning the vehicle by giving different amounts of power to each motor. More power on the left motor will make the car turn right.
  • No batteries at all? What about a very long power cord?
  • No wireless control, but also no driver on board. So would a control box on a wire be OK?
  • As simple as possible: not even a micro controller.

I think it can be done. The big problem will be speed control. You will need motors that run on mains power (230 V where I live). Like power drills, depending on the size of car you want.

For smaller toy cars, you are probably better off using Direct Current (DC) motors. But you need to transform your high voltage down to low voltage and rectify the AC to DC. Not only is that much safer, it also makes it much easier and cheaper to find the parts you need for a project like that.

Please let us know if we are on the right track here.

Ciao, Rik

oo my god this much of comments on my english ooo my god!

any how i will try to improve it 

namaste- Chris the Carpenter

jai shir krishna -Addy bhai 

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