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robo car


    can any 1 plz tell ho w to creat a robo car just simple car thtat can move ,move on right and left which we will move witth the help on a control and i daont want any hi fi  remoto contron also its ok if tis work with electric  or any els pla help me 


plz i am new to this so plz kindly give some time for me by giving some brif information hoe to creat it  and help me 

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If you are REALLY new you want want to start with something easier with a well written walkthrough like START HERE.

That being said take a remote control car apart and using a multimeter find out which button on the remote control sends voltage through which wires. You can then use that to hook up to a PICAXE (or other PIC) and create your own outputs to motors, lights, etc.

Last night I decided to read through the entire thread about disabling new memberships. I never commented on it as to how I feel as a new person here, but anyway, I think it's people that ask these questions that drive those types of discussions.

hey !

thanx u people helping , "jklug80" hey i saw ur post but i can understand 40 % of that part , friend i understand how to connect the mooters to whell but u gave me some program how can past it in a board maens i  need some wire which i connect to computer and after is there is any software of the bord from that which can i past that code sorry ian not good in english , and can u plz tell from which thye of shop i can get all that circut bord , moters etc i am from india and what should i ask to shopkeeper  means plz give brif name of that items plz

 plz help actully i want to present my robo in my collage in my collage fest 

Search on our site for where to find picaxe. Fritz already did the leg work of finding several shops in many countries.

Please, for the love of god.

 You're in college? Try operating your keyboard at a first grade level.

Sorta not-cool, yo. This isn't some "I'll write my whole post in text-speak" kinda post, which drives me nuts... This is some random guy in India who just thinks robots are cool and wants to participate. Heaven forbid that the dude's first language is not English! Not to mention (and I have traveled in India) I'll bet he probably speaks 3 or 4 languages... He speaks Hindi, English, probably French AND his local dialect. Christ, you are in bi-lingual Canada and I'll bet you don't even speak French!

Do your next post in Hindi, give the guy a chance to laugh at you. 


--Namaste, SAurabh

Actually, my family is indian, so I do understand gujrati fairly well. I'm not talking about this guy's english skills, I'm saying he should try typing a little better. Fingers on the right keys and whatnot.

I'm sorry, but if it pains you so bad to read his posts....then don't.


Sorry. It has been a long day...


Sorry I bit a little hard, there...

oo my god this much of comments on my english ooo my god!

any how i will try to improve it 

namaste- Chris the Carpenter

jai shir krishna -Addy bhai 

iam also a gujarathi, and  used to speak  hindi,telugu,gujarathi,tamil,and english