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Theo Jansen - Vex style

Vex has produced a Theo Jansen walker kit. Click image for more details.


Added the video found by Rik.

I feel that the body should kind of rise and fall with each step. This one just seems to glide like a (roller)skater.

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Rik's design has a very organic appearance, more as you would expect an alien life form to appear. In contrast, the Vex walker looks more like a "Replicator" from Stargate SG1 made out of meccano.
is done!
True but once you've got your design down pat, imagine how it would look in laser cut neon plastic internally lit with LEDs. It would be the coolest bot on the site!
Must say: I played with that thought myself. Even in plywood. It may not be transparent, but I already experimented with sawing nice slits. Moiré effect?

The crank shaft goes higher than the main pivot!

Will they ever learn?


Thanks for posting Mike.

A video would be nice - maybe it can't walk.

Here you go.


Please embed in your original post.

It is definately NOT following the magic numbers.