Let's Make Robots!


I just picked up Three books from my library: "Absolute Beginner's Guide to Building Robots", " The PIC Microcontroller: Your Personal Introductory Course", and "The Robot Builder's Bonanza" from TAB Electronics.

 They all sound rather promising, and I can not wait to read them. If you've read them, maybe you could leave a comment about it, as to how good (or bad) it is and if its worth buying my own copy and stuff like that. The Absolute Beginner's Guide looks like a really good book, and after I'm finished I be sure to give a review if you'd like. 

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I have the absolute beginner's guide. I think it's brilliant. I built Mousey from the instructions in that book.

I've heard good things about the Bonanza book, and have two others from TAB, and they are excellent.

Don't know the PIC book

Got a couple of editions of Robot Builders Bonanza, nearly wore out the first one. The author Gordon McComb has a nice basic robot parts shop and another good book in Robot Builders Sourcebook that I also have.  David Cooks Robot Building for Beginners and Intermediate Robot Building are good. And Dennis Clark in Building Robot Drivetrains.