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Palm Robot

Mobile Robot controlled by a PDA Palm

Hi everybody, I would like to show you one of my robotics projects, it’s a mobile robot integrated with a Handheld Computer (Palm). The main idea of this project was to use the Palm as a brain for the robot. I built the robot and I communicated it with the PDA via serial communication (RS232). I must confess that the project isn’t very new, but it allowed me to continue my work between the integration of mobile robots and mobile devices. I’ll share with you some of my newest designs soon.


Currently I’m working in some new stuff between Virtual Reality and Robotics Simulators. I’m building a new robot to be control by an iPhone using Touch Screen and Bluetooth, I already made some projects involving touching sensor area and robotics control. I hope I’ll finish it by the end of this year.


As for now I hope you enjoy this one.



PS: Fritsl it’s nice that we solved our little misunderstood, I hope we can put our best to make this website a standard in Robotics Communities for sharing ideas and projects, as I told you, I really like this site.


Best Regards



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Do you have source code for this project? how exactly did you get the palm to communicate through the serial port with the main board in the robot?
i like the idea of controlling it with the palm! well done!
dani ese robot esta  rebakno men!!! la otra vez t escribi al correo y era para felicitarte c tu robot!! great Job!!!!



but pda only have usb door, that its hard to control like hell.. can you specify a bit?
i guess an adaptor would do for that!

Yes, sure it's possible to reprogram any PDA to control a robot.


what programs do you use in the palm? will be easy to i use something like that with my pda runing WM5?



It looks extremely slick! Apparently the most slick homemade robot I have ever seen!

Do you have more pictures of it?

The video is unfortunately very jerky, so it is very hard to see what this robot is actually doing, and how?

Does the front open by flicking a switch?

Can you fill out some of the "Additional information"-fields by editing the robot?

Thanks for sharing it - way slick, interesting concepts of controllers, want to know more - think everyone in here does: More facts!

(& if possible images if you have them / more recent video video with higher framerate? :) 

..What are the materials, and how did you prepare them? 

/ Fritsl

Thanks, in fact the robot was my project for my under degree diploma. I submitted it in some international congress and conference in Italy, Canada, Colombia and USA and I had very good reviews. The entire robot is built in acrylic and yes, the front opens by switching, that covers and protects the Palm. I used IR sensors and a mcµ Microchip. The communication was made by the serial port of the Palm. Actually you can re-program the robot to make whatever you want, since follow a trajectory, avoid obstacles and make it learn. It’s an easy way to program a robot.