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Non-robotic electrical installation

Just thought I'd share what is helping to fund my evil tea making robots. Other electrical projects!

My mother owns a beauty salon that pretty much does everything: hair, waxing, massage, and tanning. The gross part is that when in a hair salon, hair gets EVERYWHERE. Sure, people sweep it up, but the act of tossing it into a trash can and taking that can out throws hair all over the place. It then gets tracked all over the place, even into the ajacent section that has tanning beds gets covered in it. Blechhhh...

There are solutions to this: 1) buy a vacuum made for salons that sit in a box and costs $500-600...


Buy a shopvac on clearance for $29, install it in  the laundry room, and run a switch and hose through to where the hairdressers can use it... all for a grand total of $48 in parts...


The laundry room just so happened to be in the room adjacent to where the bin for the hair was kept. This kept all the noise in the laundry room, and kept the floors completely clean by sucking up even the smallest of hairs into a hepa filtered canister. I'm pretty proud of my work, but won't share the name or location of the salon because I'm not a licensed electrician, but I did follow the laws and everything is made to code, so there :P

Here are pics of my work. I didn't get a picture of the finished product inside the laundry room because I'm leaving everything "loose" until the stylists have it set up the way that works best for them.


Before: Dirty icky mess



Where the vacuum will sit and the hose will go through.



We have square mice here in the states :P



I poked a screwdriver through the square hole into the next wall. I told my mom to yell when she saw a bulge. I don't think she was paying too much attention. :P



Fitting the nozzle to the hole.






Fitting and levelling the switch.



cleaning up my mess of gympsum.



Black wires twisted together. Green hooked to ground on switch, then one white/hot lead on each end of the switch.



Switch all finished!


It works like a charm too, and I didn't have to do any troubleshooting! I was amazed. :D

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Funny thing is you needed a vaccuum to clean up the mess before you could finish the install of the vaccuum. So you have to buy TWO vaccuums...

Well the shopvac isn't put in permanently, so I was able to use it to clean up the mess. :P

But even if we did have to buy another shopvac, it would still be TONS cheaper than buying one from a salon supply.

very ingenuos project, well done!

Very clever, I like it. Nice clean installation too.


You are too obsessed about your own hair, but you indeed found a solution to your problem. Also, the renovations are great and in this way you have made room for a quality vacuum, to clean the entire house efficiently. The electrical installation isn't a piece of cake, therefore, make sure to buy an ammeter and other products, not only for this project, but also for other ingenious home projects.