Let's Make Robots!

Mousey the Scared Robot

Seeks the light, but afraid of contact.

My first robot built...

Based on the classic "Mousey the Junkbot" by Gareth Branwyn. (http://www.streettech.com/robotbook/mousey.html)

Basically, it's a scared little creator that seeks the light, but afraid of contact.

This creates a pretty funny combination...


Note: All parts were stripped from various junks.


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I like your wheels. Perhaps I should add some to my Mousey, as I have trouble fixing the motors far enough out of the shell to get the spindles touching the ground. They must make it faster too.

I love the way you made the antennae!  Is it set so that the center wire touching the edge completes a circuit?

That's right!

Apparently , metal guitar strings are pretty good conductors.

I also like the way they add character to the robot - So much, that I'm using them in my next "robot" as well...

Extra Cool
if you crossed it's light-antennas it would be afraid of light too!!   XD