Let's Make Robots!

Congratulations to ''Let's make robots!''

Hi everybody, I would like to congratulate all the members from this website. I think that we’re building a very interesting community and we’re sharing very good material, ideas and concepts for robots. I would like to give a special congratulation to ''Fritsl'' for all the dynamism he gives to the Let’s make robots! Website. I hope we can continue bringing new projects to the community and we can learn, share and enjoy other’s works and projects.

Best Regards


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Couldn't say it better.. Gratz everyone.. gratz Fritsl

Thank you :)

It was just my thought today, that I think we are above "critical mass" in energy, enthusiasm, and nice people who shares, the site is getting really good.

So far it is TheCowGod and me who are "admin", but the seats are open if anyone else want to "be in power" ;)

Hurray! And thank you to everyone who logs in and posts, every time giving us all something!

/ Fritsl

(All we need now is more time, haha)

good on ya frits i think that this is a site i spend most of my spare time on... this and googling for robots like arduino, picaxe...

it has become quite a good comunity i must say and yeah good work mate.