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? Sending Serial Via IR?

So I read Frits's post about his little "data-in, data-out" RF doo-dads and it got me to thinkin'...

Can we send serial "pulses" (or high/low data in general) via IR using a picaxe? Now, I know that the picaxe chips have the "sony code IR" stuff built in and can use the irin command... Could I skip all this stuff and just set-up a data-in/ data-out system using IR? Would I use a IR transistor (2 pin) as a receiver or stick with the 3-pin unit? Also, when  the 3-pin IR reciever says "38khz" what does this mean? C'mon electronics geeks, gimme a schematic! I want a simple IR system where I can stick [serial] data in and get [serial] data out on the other end...

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This has been posted many times.

I know cptn tuna has posted on this.


I've posted this image before showing the ir receiver I had worked on. It uses a 38khz modulated receiver(tsop34838) and minimal parts to build...I added the 3906 and green led to know when I received a signal. The rest was taken from the datasheet.


 The transmitter side uses an ir emitter and a 3904 transistor. you just feed the collecter a pwm signal(modulated at 38.5khz) and send the base the serial output. hook up the emmiter to...well..the emitter...side and you have your transmitter setup. I've done this on a 08m. works like a charm.