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ARB Mini (Anthropomorphic Robotic Biped)

Play Soccer, Walk, etc.
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 (In the video,you can see ARB walking.  Watch it, its pretty neat!)

This is ARB Mini, or Anthropomorphic Robotic Biped (mini).   There have been umpteen "ARB" Models, but this has been the sole remaining survivor of the series.  I hope to make a new series sometime next year.


So the specs:

-Radio controlled

-About 5 in tall

-Powered by two AA Batteries

-49 Mhz

-4 micro servos (only three are hooked up, and they are all modified servos)

-No processor


It walks solo, but the radio controller has two joysticks that you must push as follows to make one step (then repeat):

Left - Up - Right - Down


Reapeat this and it walks perfectly.

ARM Mini is a remnant of ARB IT, a larger, independently controlled robot that could do everything from walk on its tip-toes to recover from a fall to even nplaying soccer.


ARB Mini was built in 2007, I was only 13.  My first biped was a single-motor with a gearbox and 3 volts made when I was 12.  It was just legs!  It was funny. The last origional ARB was ARB 12.4.1.  The prototype was called "HERB (Humanoid Electronic Robotic Biped)"


Yeah, so ARB Mini took a few days to build, but a biped in general took me years to built (I started trying in 2005).  ARB has played soccer, but all alone!  I want to build ARB XTREME soon, to play with the other one!


The aluminum thing on its chest is a cooling plate (heat sink) from a computer.  The head is solder wire, and the wieghts in the feet are AA batteries glued into hollow aluminum bars.


Well, I hope you liked it, thanks for looking!   Look for my next robot, (TPTS) M1.  It is a mech about half my size that walks, and I can sit on it and it carries me... woo!




UPDATE:  Soon, ARB XTREME will be out, my new mini-biped.  Right after my TPTS is finished, I will build a hopefully autonomous versin of this bot. 

UPDATE 2: Because ARB Mini is so outdated, I just replaced the batteries and remote controller.  The old one was so worn out the "down" feature failed entirely.

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Looks pretty good, would be great to see it moving. Interesting future robot idea, maybe you can blog progress.

This is ARB Mini, or Anthropomorphic Bipedal Robot (mini).

Shouldn't that be ABR Mini? Or am I missing something?

I mean Anthropomorphic Robotic Biped.  My bad.
I'll attach one today, or I'll try.
Great work! 
I have just seen the video now!! Looks so cool!!!  :D
Nice Video...
hey, thanks all!  I'll post an even beter video when I get the chance of him playing soccer or something! :D
Nice. Reminds me of my own walker: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/556. Makes me want to build another one using micro servos. Wish I bought some more of those...