Let's Make Robots!

Introduction - Saying Howdy!

Howdy folks,


I just joined the group. I've been reading up the blogs and first robot experiments from others for just under a month now. I must admit, I am hooked! And I am looking around where I live (Perth, Australia) for PICAXE starter kits to give it a shot! 


I did find the *where to buy picaxe* link in the home page mighty useful, though there arent any stores here in Perth that I can walk into and walk out a happy man! 


Anyway, just wanted to say Hi. BTW, I am a programmer with a lot of experience in high level languages (like C, C++ and Java). I have had my stint with 8085 microprocessor and a life ago with 8055/56 microcontrollers. 


Boy am I excited! 




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Nice! Welcome to the group!

We almost need a "Roboholics Anonymous" group here :P

Welcome to LMR, Some stuff can be hard to get at a good price here in Australia so here are a few places I shop at.

I buy my picaxe IC's from Oatley electronics and just use a breadboard. It's cheaper and more flexible.

The breadboards can be gotten from a local Dick Smith or Jaycar store.

Ocean control have some good robot stuff such as IR and sonar Rangefinders and servos.


Good luck and enjoy :-)


It is a lot of fun. And addicting once you get going. :D