Let's Make Robots!

LMR Group on Facebook

I figured we could branch out and advertise LMR on other websites. I made a Lets Make Robots group on facebook. To join just search and join the group. I'm hoping we can get people who are in robotics groups on facebook to also join and then use our website as well. We'll see how it goes. I just need to add more info in the group and make periodic updates. I may steal Rik's weekly Pulse and add it there.

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this is the group:


what do the admin think? i'd like an official group :) 

Im a rebel. I make things then ask for permission ;)

we already had a LMR group on facebook 


That makes it easier. When I searched for lets make robots nothing came up. LMR needs to be in the group name or you can't find it by searching. I'll kill the other lame one ;)

I'd actually been thinking of creating an "official" LMR group on Facebook, because you're right, LMR should be in the group name, plus Vansu seems to have disappeared, and he's the only admin of that 'Robotic' group. It looks like you already got rid of the one you made, or else I'd suggest you just add a few other admins and we make that one official. I guess I'll go ahead and create one then, but thanks for taking the initiative :)


OK, the group is available here. Feel free to join :)


all this social media bull shit is pulling the interweb tubes down! lol :D

I just have to comment on everything don't I... lol 

Hi :) tried to join a while ago but no one accepted me to the group? It would be nice to have instant communication when i'm stuck on something :P

I was on vacation. Just caught up with all Facebook requests.