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Arduino Motor Control

I have just purchased a new robot chassis for future projects to be built on. Heres a link...



i am unable to find very much info on the motors in the chassis, but i am wandering what sort of motor controler i will need. all i know is that it uses  2 x 9Vdc motors  that are run of 6AA cells. im using an Arduino as a controller and would like somthing thats relitivly easy to code for.

all sugestions are apriciated.

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You could buy some motor shield... (i've never done this)

Or make your own H-bridge out of Darlingtons or Tip 120 or Relays

Lot's of options ... depends on what you want...  the coding will nearly be the same for all interfaces for the motor

To  control most motors interfaces you typically only need 2 bits of data

eg.  Simple H Bridge

00 - stop
01 - go forward
10 - go backward
11 - not allowed 

or    Simple Relay

00 - power off / direction forward
01 - power off/ direction backward
10 - power on / direction forward
11 - power on / direction backward

Clear as Mud?

From Arexx engineering, the manufacturers of the base, there is some info on the newer RP6 platform that suggests that a 2 A continuous, 3 A peak device will work as an h-bridge. So an L298 board, or a TPIC0108 or TPIC0107 based baord could work to drive these motors. Arexx used a small P over N  MOSFET h-bridge in their boards for this design. 

So would a motor controler like this work?


Yes an Arduino could be used to control a motor through that I believe, but it seems a bit over-priced and overly complicated,

I guess you would save 1 bit if you controll the motor with a single serial line - but the programming becomes more complicated.   Not to mention the Arduino does PWM already - so your motor driver does not need to (unless you want to offload that to dumber hardware)

There are single chip H bridge circuits - that is what robologist is probably referring to - typically these are 2 bit controlled too.

 Now the short answer:

Yes you could make that work, but personally I don't think its worth it - check out the references robologist made :)

ok ive been looking around and based on whats been said i think this is a pretty good option


 it contains a L298 motor driver ic and can run motors up to 4A. id rather buy this whole package than have to go around buying bits and pieces one by one.

Adafruit has a Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino Kit 


I just bought a base from Robotshop today also. We are going to use it for the Roboduino http://www.curiousinventor.com/kits/roboduino. We tried to make our own base with several designs that didnt work out. Mostly due to lack of tools. The one I bought is:


We are going to see if we can alter it a bit to use Servos instead of the DC motors. 

i have considered this shield but i dont think it can provide enough current to each motor, i also cant find a UK shop that suplies it and shipping from the US is ridiculous.  i think this is the best option so far:


but im gona wait till the base arives so i can check the power consumption.

Hi McDuino,

I am curious as to whether the motor you mentioned worked for you? it seems ideal for the motors i have as well (which is a DC 7.2V, Max Draw 4amp):  http://www.roboticsconnection.com/p-51-dc-gearhead-robot-motor.aspx