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Walter... FAIL!!

Well folks,

As it pains me to say, I have had a pretty major fail in the Walter dept... No blue smoke, mind you but I have found that getting 4 picaxes to talk to each other (while sharing serial and I2C devices) is no small task. I have more than 10 pages of hand-written notes with all my variables and pin assignments! Don't get me wrong, Walter will still live, but alas, it seems a major tear-down, downsize and rebuild is in my future... *sigh*

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CTC; I am sure that you have just started to programming instead of teaching.
Really it just came down to bad code. Main head moves (personality) are off of the display chip while the drive chip takes care of any servo that moves a sensor. I.e. the display chip (which is also the "main menu" chip) would move the head to a "start position" then allowing the drive chip to start it's deal, the problems are from the time it takes the servos to move, a serout/serin handshake to tell eachother they have done what they needed to do and an assortment of related pauses. Not to mention, the EEPROMS and servo driver are both I2C and are shared by both chips -again, there is a metric shit-load of handshakes to be sure both chips don't try to talk to the I2C at the same time. Add to all of this a 14m that helps translate part of the info coming from my RC unit and again, has to talk to both chips at different times! Now, I'm sure all I want to do can be done but I think I may have jumped from baby-steps to a full-on sprint. When wiring and doing other hardware stuff, I tried to "future-proof" some stuff --I set things up so I could do bigger and better things eventually, while not addressing the simple steps I would need to get myself there. In terms of the "tear-down" I think I need to get back to the KISS and start with just one 40x1. And that is where I stand now.
Maybe draw a map on how you want things to connect. I did this with Mr. Tea, and then color coded everything with pen in order to keep everything organized.
Do you have a list of "future stuff" you want to do?
That's fair enough, Sounds like you need to workout your infrastructure. I was looking at having one master IC to co-ordinate my slave processors and deal with i2c but it's all theory at the moment.

That's way to hard for me CtC

I'll be using a puter to control multiple micros - It looks pretty in code too

All object oriented like :

ArduinoTest.java - snippet

Arduino arduino0 = new Arduino ("arduino0");
Arduino arduino1 = new Arduino ("arduino1");
Arduino arduino2 = new Arduino ("arduino2");




I'm saddened to hear this as I was looking at doing something similar with BoozeBot (eventually). Could you give a few details? was the intercommunications slowing things down too much?
That sounds quite complicated. One page chock full of notes was enough for me!