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Alpha Trooper

Runs on 4 wheels with steering, gunner swivels 360 degrees

(As I spend more time and money, I'll update the fields)  

::The Idea::
I received the tank when I bought the Gears of War 2 Special edition so far I haven't spent anything but I will soon enough!  This is what I'm starting with, not really sure where I'm going to go with it but I'll keep my log here.  The top swivels 360 degrees.  I did a complete disassembly of the tank and took pictures of what I've got to work with and there is a commentary video.  Looks like I'll be putting a servo in the top to do the gunner but will be limited to 180 degrees turning.  This will most likely be where the sensor is placed also while moving around and scouting the area.  The steering column will only have one motor that is already placed in the center on the vehicle.  Possibly more powerful motors will be put into place for a stronger turn.

First DisassemblyPIC_0209.jpgPIC_0211.jpg

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Looks chunky
Could be cool running around on its' own. The device attached to the motor is a capacitor, not a resostor. It serves to smooth noise spikes from the motors brushes. THe circuit board looks intereting, seems it has a bunch of transistors to form a couple h-bridges, to drive the motors. An h-bridge has 4 transistors, and sometimes an extra pair to help in driving those first 4 transistors. The IC is probably the reciever to drive the transistors.  What kind of batteries are used by it?

Takes 3 AAA batteries.  I believe it needs bigger motors because it doesn't get around on carpet.  It has to be on a rough surface.  When it is though, it can go really fast.  Adding some pictures of the steering column and a video about it.

 Yeah I learned about the caps and transistors earlier from another post.