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NEON Bipedal Robot

Walk/ Run
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This is my "NEON" Biped.  It is about 2.5 feet tall, and walks at about the same speed as a person does.  The video shows it running on a smooth surface, so it doesn't go anywhere, but outdoors it runs!!


This was the largest biped I had ever built.  It has the following specs:


-Alluminum Chassis

-18 Volt Rechargeable Battery

-2.5 ft tall

-About 3 ft per/sec max

-Two 24 Volt DC Motors


Dont be fooled by the wheels on the feet: they are simply to reduce friction under the robot, NOT to drive it.  There is NO motor on any wheel.


Funny story:  I almost put a jet engine on his hat thinggy for fun!  Luckly I never did.


However, after I replaced his old batteries with a single newr one,  after turning him on, he ran so fast out into the street that he ripped his own legs off. :(


Thanks for looking.

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keep it up. :D this is a cool platform. Once you fix his legs. Maybe make him stronger so that does not happen again. :D
yeah, i still have the motor and chassis, i could try again some day... but the only problem now is finding a steady voltage, becasue it sucks up power like crazy!
Thats really neat! What are the batteries AH rating?


All i know is that there are 3 batteries (each 6 volts dc) connected together to make 18 volts.  The best AH rating i can give you is that they lasted about 2 weeks worth of daily, several minute use.

the batteries were standard lamp batteries at first, though, that i got from lowes.

I have never heard of nor seen any battery like that... whats its current rating? It should say on the cell.