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Introduce a girl to engineering day

Today, 22 feb 2009, is USA's "National Introduce A Girl To Engineering" Day. This was brought to our attention in the shoutbox:

"Zanthess: Hey everyone forgot to mention. Sunday is USA's national introduce a girl to engineering!"

Now I would love nothing more than to attract more women into the field and towards LMR. So I figured I would pay musical tribute to both women and engineering. But as you all know, I am no maestro.

I do not even play a decent musical keyboard!!!

So here's to Zanthess and all the other ladies out there. By my good friend and top engineer of soul: James Brown. And to not scare away all the dudes on LMR with James' appearance, I am throwing in a Stone for good measure.

Happy NIAGTE Day every one!


This is a man's world
But it wouldn't be nothing
Nothing without a woman or a girl

You see man made the car
To take us over the road
Man made the train
To carry the heavy load
Man made the electric light
To take as out of the dark

Man made the boat for the water
Like Noah made the ark
This is a man's man's man's world
But it wouldn't be nothing
Nothing without a woman or a girl

Man thinks about the little betty baby girl
And the baby boys
Man makes them happy
Cause man made them toys
And after man made everyhing
Everything he can

You know that man makes money
To buy from other men
This is a man's world
But it wouldn't be nothing
Nothing not one little thing
Without a woman or a girl
This is a man's world
He's lost in the wilderness
He's lost in bitterness 

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Well said!

I take any chance I get to talk to "anybody" about engineering. I've even educated some grandma at Radioshack while trying to figure out which headphone was better.

In college, I was the only woman in my classes, and there was only one other gal who was in my graduating class, in graphic design.

And to be honest, I wouldn't be here if my boyfriend I was gaga for in the summer of my sophmore year in highschool didn't teach me how to compile in C++, He even sent me a valentine's on a 3.5 floppy that made an animated ASCII heart. He even left it for me to compile. :P

Good one Rik :)

I've never heard of the day but it would be nice to see more girls in engineering getting their hands dirty. When I went to Uni there were about 4 girls all in civil engineering, none in electrical.