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It is a RC lawn mower project that I just finished. I used it once t(here is a link to the video on my web site), and blew up the cutter motor. The one I bought apparently was to small. I used solidworks and cosmos to design it, once again there is info on my web site. I am working on getting a microprocessor so I can make her a real robot. I am also looking for a good cutter motor if any one has any suggestions. I would rather stay away from gas just becuase I want it to be fully electric. It currently has 2 wheel chair motors to drive it and a deep cycle SLA for power. I am using a Sabertooth 2x25 motor driver and the thing is awsome.


Web site: http://myweb.wit.edu/ricardij/

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The nosie is a loose nut the fell of and hit the blade then went flying across the room, if you look close enough you can see it.  Thanks for that tip I am going to try it.  I have played with a basic stamp controller and might consider getting one because it was so easy, hopfulley I will have my hands on one with the next couple weeks.

i have a BS2 here to, ya.. its really easy to program it, but sooner or later you will fell the need of something better.. its a bit of expensive for the low time of application.. at less i would not advice it to anyone..

I'm making a Arduino how to, hope to add some nice things soon, take a look at it before you buy a BS2, if you can get one lended.. then is the better.. so u can learn with it wioth spending money..

Great project ! You might consider putting on a computer? maybe someones throw away? I've had good luck from friends upgrading :) .

Now its fairly easy to power one off of 12 volts,

mabe this will give you some ideas ...  

Keep on buildin !


with this second video, it looks like it is a explosion engine.. whats that noise dud?

I think the noise that sounds like a combustion engine is actually the sound of the cutting blade spinning under the machine. Sounds scary :)


Ask the manufacturer for parts. If you get a professor to write a letter on univeristy letterhead they may donate parts. Offer to add their link and logo in videos of the project. The university can write them a letter for tax deductions.
nice trick.. didn't know that.. i need search if that work on my country too.. =P
  I am hoping for some sponsors so I can complete the project as I am a broke college student.  Dose any one have any ideas where to  look?  The motor driver is really cool becuase it has a great price, can handle up to 25 amps, and can be controlled with RC, microcontrollers, and more.  Link to web site is http://www.dimensionengineering.com/Sabertooth2X25.htm.  I got the wheel chair motrs of of ebay.  I am working on the video.

Thanks for the info, i just saw your video, it really looks cool =P

 It have a nice power, nothing comparing with my litle bots.. i'm new with dc motors.. maybe soon i can do big machines like yours =P

Keep it going, think about Picaxe or Arduino to use as a brain for it.. they are powerful microcontrolers, and easy to use.

Really nice, I wold love to know more about the motors, and this controller you use..

 Go on with this project, I'm waiting to see this cutting grass or something autonomously :P

Good luck with this project =D

PS - bad that video link is broken, please edit it.