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The Green monster

Cut Grass

It is a RC lawn mower project that I just finished. I used it once t(here is a link to the video on my web site), and blew up the cutter motor. The one I bought apparently was to small. I used solidworks and cosmos to design it, once again there is info on my web site. I am working on getting a microprocessor so I can make her a real robot. I am also looking for a good cutter motor if any one has any suggestions. I would rather stay away from gas just becuase I want it to be fully electric. It currently has 2 wheel chair motors to drive it and a deep cycle SLA for power. I am using a Sabertooth 2x25 motor driver and the thing is awsome.


Web site: http://myweb.wit.edu/ricardij/

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I want those motors. This looks like a metal version of Big Chaser, only with an extra motor and a whirly blade!! Mine is currently R/C. Does your motor controller take teh R/C receiver inputs direclty? Mine measures the pulse widths in software.

Yeah. Offer to publicise you robot in the local press and tell the supplier that it's free publicity for them. You might get lucky.