Let's Make Robots!

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LOLGeek's picture
Works very well... Good job!
K120189's picture
i'd say it looks more like black lace table cloth. nice robot im building an arduino powered bot myself. i dont think i could ever make a decent walker.
Zanthess's picture

Would be interesting to see it in action.

Good photoskills by the way. I'd say the crushed velvet makes your robot sexy ;)

Rudolph's picture

I'll probably try to get some video of it tomorrow. I hope to fiddle with the code this evening so hopefully it will have some more capability by then.

Thanks! The crushed velvet is leftovers from The Boss's halloween costume (10 years ago). I now use it for almost every "product" photo I take. I don't have a lightbox or anything, it's just draped over the kitchen stove.

Zanthess's picture
Nice vid! I still have yet to mess with servos.