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Atomyk-x |-| The Firefighter Robot

It Navigates around via ultrasounds, It "Firefights" the fire (a candle ;) ), Avoid Objects
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Initial Post - 24/02/2009:


This is a Firefighter Robot, (note that the cointaner of water is a old cointainer of pills):


Wich is not completed, it needs a infrared sensor that will enable the "bomb of water", that is a jet of water from a car (here we can also detect a connecting pole wich is to programme the robot ;) ):


But, before I go further, this robot uses a Picaxe 40x:

 Custom Picaxe 40x

It uses a  LM293D to control the motors, (all the printed circuit boards are made at home), to moves itself it uses tracks wich I improve adherence with tape...




As actuators/output devices it has 2 servomotors (Futaba S3001) changed to DC and to 360º (so now they're normal motors), a servomotor used as a servo to rotate the SRF005, a water pump that jets water ;), and that's it about actuators...



As a CPU it has a Picaxe 40x, wich is connected: to a LM293D to coordenate the two motors; and with the control of the water pump; And this makes the Operative System of Atomyk-x...  

As Power Source it has two 9,6v 2000Mah (Racing Pack) connected in parallel to feed the motors, two square 9v standard rechargeable batteries connected in parallel to feed the Picaxe and the sensors, and more two square 9v standard rechargeable batteries connected in series to feed the water pump...

The Programming Language is Picaxe Basic...

As sensors/input devices it has two SRF005 sonars to navigate, a S320115 follower of lines to detect and follow lines (this one is not applied yet)...


 Here is its "control panel", with one on/off switch, one green button for start, and one red one for stop/reset, and connecting poles to recharge all the batteries:

Control Panel

The target environment for this firefighter is indoor, but it can also navigate outdoor in not a highly rough environment...

Here I leave some videos that can show the potential of this robot, I really enjoyed his construction...

I'm having some problems with is programming, when it has been done I will update this post, and show to you new videos...

I leave here also his programme, if anybody can help me, I would be very grateful to that person, this robot will go to a competition in June, on IPG (Instituto Superior Técnico da Guarda in Portugal), and so here I leave also the website of this competition: http://robobombeiro.ipg.pt/

In this website is a highly detailed arena, and the navigation should be applied to that arena:


If someone can help me, I would be very grateful....

Note: Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures/videos....


UPDATE - 25/02/2009:

 So in order to fullfill the request of OddBot, here are two new videos of Atomyk-x |-| The Firefighter Robot squierting water, and fighting the fire:


  •  Video 1 - Atomyk-x extinguishing a fire:



  • Video 2 - Explanation about the mechanism that has extinguished the fire:



I hope you have enjoyed this two new videos as much as I do!!!... ;) -> Bye...




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No I don't ever noticed that possible self-discharge beetwen the two batteries, and I intend to continue using this policy...

Well, now I found this:

"We know that the voltage is equal across all branches of a parallel circuit, so we must be sure that these batteries are of equal voltage. If not, we will have relatively large currents circulating from one battery through another, the higher-voltage batteries overpowering the lower-voltage batteries. This is not good." -> from: http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_1/chpt_11/5.html

But like the two batteries I'm using have an equal voltage, there are no problem...But thanks for the warning...

I want to see more opinions about my robot...More activity!!!

You put a lot of effort in this bot! Good work!

Why did you put the sonar in the left corner? This way it can´t detect an obstacle on the right side...
I think the other sonar on the left is to follow the walls, am I right?

Good robot  ;)

I don't have any interest on detecting objects on the right side, that sensor is to cover both sides: to the left to cover walls with the one in the back and this in the front, and then to cover the front, avoiding contact with objects...An so you're wright really the other sonar together with this is to make the robot follow walls...Thanks for the appreciation...
I understand, I just think it would be good for you to make the robot more versatile to other environments.
Good luck in the competition ;)
I understand that too, and that will be extremely cool, one other servo on the other side with another sonar, but that woul be too expensive, and I've already spent too much, I think, but maybe...We never know, that would be a nice update... ;)
Where did you get the water pump? What voltage does it run on? And I dont remember seeing anything that actually sees the fire?
I get the water pump from an old Opel Corsa, from the pump that squirts water to the glass of a car, it runs on about 18v, and it not need anything to detect fire, because in the contest belows the candle will be a white circle (and the floor is black), so with the infrared sensor that I will add later, I can sord of now the position of the candle to extinguish, I know that is not a real situation, but in the contest we can use that, and really a thermal/flame sensor is very expensive, so that's kind of a way to save some money, because so far I've already spent a lot (more than I expect)...

I like the idea of a firefighter robot!

So is your code designed to move from point A to point B in the room? Or go from anywhere in the room to the fire?

Do you still want help with your code? I think an easy solution would be to go counter-clockwise around the room (turn left whenever possible, right if not) and time how long it takes to get from one object to another. Once it's gone 246 cm, turn once more and you're there. But I suspect you already had that in mind. :)


 Do you have a smoke detector that sends the robot scurrying out of stasis?

--tangent: did anyone else read the last Stephen King Dark Tower book? there's an amusing scene with some centuries-old firefighting robots scurrying out of stasis to try and fight a fire.