Let's Make Robots!

Is it here yet?

It's been 5 minutes where is my stuff?

  1. Picaxe 28 starter pack USB
  2. motor driver
  3. picaxe servo upgrade pack
  4. SRF05 range finder
  5. gear motors with wheels
  6. 5v regulator
  7. a few red leds
  8. 330 and 1000ohm resistors

Its goign to be a LONG couple of weeks since some of it is coming from the UK. I hope to have something built in a month or so. I want to start off small so its blinking lights for my first few projects. I won't even touch the motors until I know what I am doing.

I FEEL LIKE A KID IN THE CANDY STORE! I won't sleep until it arrives ;)


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i understand you.. well its a nice decision to don't go for motors while you don't know enough.. to avoid burn the little ones =P

 take it easy with the wait time, and start learning about picaxe, you maybe have some nice codes ready for it when it arrives.


You are free to take a look and make sugestion in my Arduino blog ^_^


Couldn't wait for the stuff to arrive. I went to radio shack and got a breadboard, LEDs, wire, and some resistors. I feel like a crack addict!

Don't sweat the petty things. Don't pet the sweaty things.

It is worth the wait. You will be happy.

(Nice package - see if you can find a speaker, that will top it nicely!) (and all sorts of connectors, so you can do without soldering on your board) 

/ Fritsl

I have some old motherboards with speakers that have long leads. Good enough for beeps. I also have some old PC speakers that work fine that I can pillage. Speakers are easy to find on old devices. Unfortunatly the picaxe processor is coming from the UK so it will be a while. 

Don't sweat the petty things. Don't pet the sweaty things.