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hydraulic analogy

This is imo a great way to help ppl who are new to electronics understand some of the basics of circuits.


Being a helicopter mech and have years of exp in troubleshooting hydraulics I found this simple explanation of circuitry and basic components much easier to understand than just cracking a text book and jumping in over my head. I hope this help other newbies like me.

This analogy uses the hydraulic motian through a set of pipes and components to help explain the movement of electricty through a circit. Hope this helps some of the more mech minded types out there. 

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this is what i used to learn about electronics, well a version of it.  helped me learn soooo much faster.  i remember thinking, "oh duh, why didn't i get that before".

Larger image.


Lots of good information on that wiki!

Thanks, I might actually try to understand these thingeys one day!