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Arduino robot platform, Mk 2

navigate using IR sensors

Ok this is my second arduino robot thats currently in very early development, i thought i'd drop a few picks to show how its going. at the moment this is, electronicly very similar to the last bot.


the main difference being it is now driven using motors and tracks, hence the motor driver circuit.


the chassis i used is the RP5 robot chassis available from therobotshop.com. its realy nice quality and comes preassembled with 2 6v geard motorsand tracks. to drive the motors i used the solarbotics L298 dual motor driver kit. this works briliantly with arduino and has a handy regulated 5v out whith is good to power the servo im using. 

I intend to add another layer to mount stuff on to add to the coolness-nes of it :P i recently came accros an instructable for a coil gun that i may try and mount on it if it is not TO dangerous. but in the shourt term im goint to replace the main sensor with a PING ultrasonic sensor and put an IR sensor on either side to improve control.

if anyone can help with ways to write better code for the thing i would apriciate it, at the moment i can only do the "go up to a wall, look left, look right, turn and go sort of thing" i want to be able to make the main sensor scan across and use proportional control rather than 90 degree turns. 

 will keep the updates coming!


so im currently working on a better version of the code, and i will soon be ordering these parts:




i also want to mount a sharp IR on either side of thebody to help avoid walls.


 Recently i tried to conect a 2 lineLCD display to the robot, for one reason and another it didnt work out, it also left a mess of wires and used pretty much all the I/O pins on my arduino. However "if at first you dont, blah blah blah" ive found this.


a serial controled display that can be controlled using just one pin! looks pretty easy to use aswell. ive got a growing list of things i want to experiment with, i'll get around to it eventualy!


ok despite my plans for more parts to be added to the bot, a distinct lack of money has got in the way :P one thing i have purchased however is a blinkM. 


these are "smart led's" that are highly compatable with the arduino. they are easy to program for and give a good level of interactivity to a robot, i've just about finised writing a code to give my bot a "heartbeat" the led pulses red and when it meats a wall the colour of the pulses change depending on the distance. 

*sorry there are no videos of this bot yet, im gettin my new laptop in a few weeks with a camera built in so they are coming... promise*

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Extraordinary!!! Video!!! Great Construction, one's of the best I've ever seen....
:S Thanks! i'll see what i can do about a video.

BOY, that is one GOOD VIDEO!!

Way to make'em! Short, sharp, fast, wel lit, informative fun, cool!!

And a nice robot that is as well :D

If I ever get the time to make another robot, and even get the time to film it, this video will be my inspiration #1! Well done!

haha your video is OK :)

yeah ive nearly lost it off my bench on numerous occasions. im gona start using an ultrasonic ping sensor as the main sensor soon, then i'll use the IR sensor for cliff detection.

 Glad everyone seems to like the video! never done one before :)

to do some more

(just put yout T-shirt on right side out)

i must have had the camera set up flipped. if you look closely the writing on my shirt changes direction at the end :P
!did yllaer I

hello. did you use some kind of encoders in the robot to know the speed and direction the robot is?