Let's Make Robots!

My Big-Base Robot

Follows things with certain colors, shapes, etc.
Bill-O-Materials.xls19.5 KB

I have posted many ideas for robots, but this will be my second on this website.


It is a Butler Robot. It will have a 12v Mini Fridge onboard, with a springed DC Solenoid wired to a Max232 chip, to the USB of a local laptop. An onboard wireless camera will be linked to its radio receiver connected to a TV Tuner (RCA inputs) to the USB of a computer. The computer will be running image/video processing software to detect and follow distinct blobs of color, shape, etc.



The final designs with some calculations for finding the inertia of the entire robot. Really to figure out the stress placed on the wood.

(I went with 3/4" plywood) Eventually I will paint it white.



Plan rendered in Google Sketchup, obviously not drawn to scale



The two 12v 24AH batteries



Closer look



Sabertooth 2x25 Motor driver, very strong and reccommended by me! Capable of 25A load per channel, and 50A fully



The robot head next to my 1st place baseball trophy

When I received the head from this toy:


 I gutted it. Of course it didnt look as nice as the model picture. I took out the leds inside as they were not bright enough, and added my own red ones for the eyes and blue leds for the headlights above (where the red and blue panels are, I took them off) 



The hefty motors

~from a Jazzy 1100 Wheelchair




Edit #1:



 L brackets



Caster not screwed in, because I need to first see if the wheelchair motors will have clearence, and everything would be flat. Yes I know thats alot of brackets, extra sturdiness! :)








 Vertical slab thingy, I needed four of these guys










I do not thinki it is going to hold at all


Future alterations:

  • Use XBee Modules... to make it go wireless 
  • Upgrade Batteries to 72AH

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Wait, I dont get some of it, on the top picture you have mounting holes for the motors above the motor, not to the side, this is not where the holes are.  And if I replace the rods with allens, then it would not go through both of the holes.

He wants you to replace the allen bolts with longer allen bolts. The bottom picture is side view. The top picture is a frontal view.

I'll let Chris do the full explain with more drawing and bells on.

I don't want to crap on any parades here, but those motor mounts look a little iffy... Got a friend with a welder? At any rate, I would say, when in doubt, run a diagonal. If you can get some sorta diagonal gusset above those motors I think you would be sitting a little prettier. --I'm just thinking about 60lbs (30 kilos) of batts sitting on those babies. You DO have to get this going, though... It would be a terrible shame to have those sweet motors and not have a kick-ass robot sitting on top of them!
Did I read 72AH? Isn't that a car battery? --When you do, I would like to talk to you about taking the 24AH batts off your hands.

A typical (newer) car batteries have 40AH. Older ones go lower from there I believe because they are just to kick start the solenoids.

And the 72AH upgrade won't be for a loonng time, it is just a room for improvement. And I would never think about shipping something with a combined weight of 40 lbs... just too much of a nueisance.

Holy Christ, those wheel assemblies are perfect. Add some encoders and I'll bet you have 1 degree turn precision at any speed.
You have your video set to private. Go public, yo!
oops sorry... better?
Now I want an old automatic wheel chair so I can make cool things... lol :P
Cant wait to see the finished product!