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My first RC Robot "Cyclops"

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HI, every one!

This is my first entry to LMR. This RC robot Is called CYCLOPS by my doughter, because have a big blacklight from a old  LCD screen, that turns on like a big eye. I made the Platform from 1/4" Lexan, and have 2 modified servos for continuous rotation. The control electronics is a salvage form an old and cheap RC car. It's suppose to be for an autonomous robot, but she wants to control it herself. Well at least she help me assembling it.

The small round balls are from empty roll on deodorants, I cut it by the bottle neck and glue it to an empty medicine #7 pills bottle that I buy in a pharmacy. Both of then are a little short so the traction of the center drive wells work fine in any direction.

I hope some no so far day I can recover it from my daughter and install a "brain" and some sensors!

Roll-On 3rd Wells

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That roll-Ons casters work super Ok!, they are almost for free!. Only cost: $0.50!!