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Yes, Another Wall-e type Robot!

Navigate avoiding ostacles, Line follower mode.

Yes, Another Wall-e type Robot!

This is a RAD 2.0 old robot base, that have suffer a serios transformation. I cut the first free wells and mounted over the rest with 2, 1/4" treaded rod, to form the triangle shape track. The same rod works like a tension adjuster for the track belts.

This one is gona have some sensors, and a PICAXE 28X1 controller. Already have some on hand some sonar sensors, photo sensors, a nice small linear bearing to be used in a extend/retract gripper hand.The body will be covered on Sintra, 1/4 " black.

My first goal is to navigate around the house, and outside, avoiding things, and also to have a line follower mode.



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keep on great jobs man..

your wall-e looks cool..

Thx for your tip about encoder. Your robot prototype is great, but where you've found plexiglass for the second robot and where you've found plastic for this and how you've modelled it?

 Sorry for my bad english.

That's a pretty clever way to make a triangle track path, Wall-E style. Looks cool, hope it winds up working well, looking forward to more.
im using the same base the rad 1.0 and 2.0 were the same bases just different bodies and heads...im gonna make the whole rad into a robot tho check out raduino its awsome to see someone elses hacking these. what are you using to control the motors? they pull some decent amperage under load
That's good to know, I plan to constuct ones, not decided yet, I go to search some some diagrams here and there to find wich ones are the better to work it in Picaxe. I still have the tree foam rocket laouncher, Any good IDEA to use it?
Looks like a nice base to build upon. Even have mounting points for a second level.
Thaks, I already have some aluminum angles to make like a cage, so I cam put boards and other acc. on it.