Let's Make Robots!

OK. Fine! You won. Big deal...

All my projects has been mechanical excercises and/or remote controlled thingys.

And after I posted my first biped here I recieved messages like "It needs a micro controller!" For that reason I've refrained from posting any of my other projects...

I even posted a rant on the forum about that robots might be robots even though they dont have brains.

But, finally I've caved in to the relentless ranting of the LMR-crowd. I revieved my first shipment from TechSupplies yesterday, I unpacked it to find my very own Picaxe 28x1 starterkit with a ultrasound range finder, motordriver chip and a usb cable. And I'm as excited as a kid on christmas eve!

-so I hope the wife and kid will leave me alone this weekend, cause it's gonna be blinking LED bonanza!!

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But, are you absolute sure, 100% sure, that microcontrollers are a step FORWARD, not just a step further?

Ha! There's something to think about on a hungover sunday:-P

I am not sure microcontrollers are a step forward, if we look at W. Grey’s turtles, complex behavior from what amounted to two transistors or neurons.


However, before dismissing microcontrollers and microprocessors they can be a good solution to a defined problem. The question is, what is the defined problem!

I look at the lower order creatures, ants for example; they exhibit very complex behavior with reasonably small “processors”.


A number of researchers have gone down the analog path with some success, however this takes time.


Anyway the point of this site is to build robots and have a bit of fun, good luck with yours.

Hello Maneuver,

Microprocessor, Microcontroller, Neural net or remotely operated, still all arguably robotic.


I don’t think you need to have a microprocessor to be considered a robot, if we look back to the 60’s researchers at Johns Hopkings built a series of robots which used just transistor logic to exhibit quite complex behavior.


On of the things I would like to explore is Subsumptive architectures (see Rodney Brooks at MIT) logic but using transistors as basically neurons.


How ever having said that, I think you will enjoy your foray in to Microcontrollers, you will get a kick out if it each time you program a particular behavior and the robot does it, then sometimes you get behaviors which are totally unexpected.


Also, I don’t think the “it needs a microcontroller” comments were intended as criticisms but as suggestions for the next step.

all the best


Cave in my arse!

Your gonna love it :D

I was going to make a goatse reference, but maybe I won't...

I think you meant "cave in, my arse", not "cave in my arse". They are distinctly different especially when followed by "you're gonna love it".

(I've spent a day reading and correcting the semi-lliterate writings of a dozen IT project managers.)

I just figured it was an Australian expression I did not understand.


Hmm, maybe better puctuation would of helped :-)

My point, without any slang, is that I don't think for one minute that Maneuver caved in, I think he's been dying to move on to next step especially after his christmas present.