Let's Make Robots!

I'm start to building my first robot!

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Hello from Russia.

On images i sent, you see only a prototype of chasis of my robot.

Then i was a child, me and my father go to see a film "Short circuit". After that i ask my father to build Johnny5.

Now, i think, i must do it self. Of course it will be not a copy of johnny5, but it will be a real fully autonomical machine.

Now i'm waiting a microcontroller and other electronic parts i need. I cant find those parts in Russia. But i find good on-line shop and after 2 months, i think, i finish my first robot.

Tracks and gears i buy on-line. The chasis, wheels, torsions - made myself. Material of chasis prototipe - PVC plastic

Than i complitly tested the prototype, i'll build my robot in final design. I need to testing all function first.

Sorry for my bad and poor english - i have no practice long time.

Today I'm tested the chasis in RC mode.

Wow, its moving!!! :)))


Brothers, i choose Society of Robots Axon Microcontroller for use, is it a good idea?


My electronics parts came to me last week!!!

Axon II, SaberTooth 2x25A, Ultrasonic SRF05, small servo etc.

Now i was built main part of robot chasis.

Part with tracks and motors was modifed to. Now i need to programing my Axon...

...One problem - I'm very beginer and i'm not a C-programmist.

I install AVR Studio, Webbotlib, WebbotLib Project Designer ... but i  don't know what next? I understand how initialise all my hardware, but the main part is "the dark wood (or forest)" for me.

If anybody help me write any simple program  (you see what hardware i have) i'll be very glad.

Source code i trying to wrote is here: http://depositfiles.com/files/vb9ckv6s6




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Congrats on starting your first robot. Can't wait to see it all finished and working!

this video shows you how to make bluetooth controlled robot really cool might help you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51TgbvcNwCQ


this video shows you how to make bluetooth controlled robot really cool might help you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51TgbvcNwCQ


FYI. I believe I have found the same tracks with motors on eBay (http://bit.ly/cwlu7W).

 Looks heavy duty that could carry alot. Waiting for video

Do you have any information on the motors/gearboxes? I'm curious to see how much weight that setup could support. How about that video?

So, how is this project comming up?
chasis length = 300 mm, heigth = 260 mm

 That chassis is a piece of art.   Your pvc work is absolutely amazing.  What tools did you use to make the chassis?  How long did it take you to make it?

Your English is very good.  I admire your ability to understand more than one language.

I'm use Corel Draw for designing, ArtCam for making programs for cutting device.

I know russian, bad russian and english (not so bad as i think)