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Just bought the picaxe 28 starter kit. along with parralax ping)))

I just realised it the ping))) works well when the serial download cable connected to the board but the ping))) not working when i plug out the  serial download cable from the board.

Another words, it works Online mode and not during Offline mode. I've check the 5v to the sensor and its gd.

Anyone can help solve this.



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Issues that change with a serial cable being plugged in or not can sometimes be traced to ground connection problems. Check your power supply connections, and make sure the sensor and micro are sharing a ground well connected (a multimeter continuity check might help). Also reset the micro after disconnecting the cable, so the program can start fresh reading the sensor. How can you tell the PING is not working after unplugging the cable? Some readout or indicator? Do you have a picture of your set-up?

i knew the Ping not working well the led indicator did not blink and the programm did not run on the right sequence.

For my setup. basically since the ping needs a 5v supply, i use a separate power in this set up i use a mod usb cable ( the supply from the usb will be 5v.)

and the power from the micro will be the standard 4.5v. from gthe battry holder given.

Does this gives the problem?

If yess, am i able to supply in 5v for the mirco. since the kit gaves a battery holder for 4.5v.

Since im new to this micro. thats why i stick to the 4.5v given by the kit set, cos im not sure the board able to supply in 5v.




Tie the grounds together and it should start operating. The negative from the USB to the negative of battery holder, so each have a common reference to operate from.


Problem solve.

Will there be a problem of using 5v for both micro and ping?


Should be ok.