Let's Make Robots!

My First Circuit

As you can see God spoke and there was LIGHT!

I'm trying to get the circuit thing down. I can code all day long but this electronic stuff is tricky...

Once I get it down pat I'll post some walkthoughs so other people like me who lack the electronics background can get stuff going easier. I won't post all my minor successes, but I did do a jig when the little light went on. My Picaxe stuff shipped today so I won't post more until I have motors and wheels moving ;)

The journey of a thousand robots begins with a single LED.


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Thanks for complete it, I'm sorry, but I'm so used to it that i forgot the units.

I'm studding Informatics Engineer, and we do some stuff with electronics and electronic logic to understand whats inside the computers, and so on.. The rest its my own researches about it, just because i like it =P



Tiago Rodrigues

nice.. thats the spirit.. next one will be a blinking one!! =D

That is one nice LED! :D

I am not sure I would be able to make it myself - thet electronics is a hard nut to my experience! (for my kinda brains)

There are simulators out there. The few times I make circuits or the like, I always just download a simulator and burn things in that till it works in there, then put it together IRL. 

/ Fritsl

It's a baby Cray .....

He's soo cuuute!