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Homemade VS ready made?


I'm very new to the world of robotics. I found this site after doing a google search for robots and thought, "wow this site is dope". After reading lots of post and what not on here I decided I wanted more. So I go down to the not so local hobby shop and find that they sell "Robot" magazine. I was pumped! Till I got home and read it. I was hoping it was some what like lmr with the homemade droids and fixes for said such projects. I was way wrong. Most of the articles were about what i call ready made kit. I personally like the homemade type better. To me is way more fun to step back and say wow I just turned a hand full old computer parts and micro-controller into a droid. But that's just me. I want to know what others find more enjoyable making your own robot from bits and ends or putting together a kit bot.  


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Kit's can be great starting points as are some toys. As long as you can modify it enough to make it "Yours".

Meccano, Lego, Kinnex etc. are not exactly robot kits but can help speed up / simplify the physical construction.

Home built without these aids is probably the most satisfying.

I'm not quite a novice - perhaps one step up, and I'm enjoying the process of making robots both from scratch and from kits (if Lego nxt counts as a kit). Kits are very fast, you can have a working bot in minutes. Building from scratch is taking weeks and it will probably run to months before I'm done with my first scratch built bot.

I'm also enjoying playing with bots. My (six year old) daughter and I started off with the new SpeakJet module this evening, then we moved onto some of the robots I'd built earlier - Chaser and Mousey. Finally, we got Ratbert - my work in progress - running about too. I find that playing encourages me to build more. So I've started on Ratbert's sensors tonight.

"Servo" magazine tends to be more homebrew, "Robot" tends more towards kit.
Check out the "start here" bot at the top of the page... It is almost a kit, sorta but you build the whole thing, sorta.
It depends. Sometimes kits can be fun to play with. I prefer to make stuff from scratch since kits usually dont do 100% of what I want. Plus I get to learn more from doing everything myself.