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This is my first attempt to make a custom remote controller, and also my first customized Arduino.
After seeing this post made by ObbBot I wanted to try to make one myself.

I figured that if I purchase one remote controller it would be cheaper than buying two of these and paying shipment to Portugal.

So, ripping the guts from a game remote controller I get two joysticks, a couple of buttons, two nice motors and one small lcd.

Each joystick have one button inside wich is cool  :-)

Now I have more control over my bots, specially the ones with two motors.. will post videos later.




no comments on this one :-)

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added a walkthrough to build the GRemote: ZIP FILE HERE


Consider more inputs; see here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/5492#comment-17849
in the front of the joysticks I have some space left to add two more button and perhaps another joystick  :-)
That's great! I think I'll end up going to an Xbee or something similar because the IR doesn't work in sunlight and is too slow.
Could I get a model number on that xbee modual?

Looks like Gui used LadyAda's XBee adapter, to bring the narrow pins of the XBee out to normal 0.1 spaced, and maybe add RS232 levels.

Those XBee Pros can send/rec for about a mile line of sight.

Yes I´m using Ladyada´s adapter, its very good and simple to use and already saved me from burning the xbee module because I connected the power and ground backwards..  :)

Looks like a XBP24-AWI-001 (@SparkFun, cheaper@Mouser)

The W in AWI appears to signify the antenna mount. U is a U.FL connector, W would be a wire antenna, and C is a chip antenna.

The "PRO" part should make it 50 or 60mW, but it looks like the 60 (the 50 has some extra copper pads on top)

yes it´s the 60mW, you can see here more specifications