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PING giving false readings

The PING sensor on my bot is working for the most part however it sometimes thinks someting is in front of it when nothing is there...I could have sworn I saw someone with a similar issue on here but I cant find the post now.  Any thoughts? 

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You could try covering the sensor with some foam like the one in this article: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1276

You might also try critically looking at your code.  Maybe the variable you assigned to the distance cannot store a number high enough, so it is overflowing?

How far is your sensor from the ground?  If your sensor is near the ground, its signal might be bouncing off the ground.

I had similar problems with mine, and I was lucky enough to have an extra PING sensor lying around.  So I kept all the programming and circuitry the same and simply replaced the original PING sensor with another sensor that I knew worked perfectly.  It turned out that I had a bad sensor.  Hopefully, it's not your sensor.  Good luck to you!