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I gotta plug Sparkfun...

Hey guys,

I just wanted to do a little pat on the back for Spark Fun. I just got my order today (Sat.) from an order I placed on Wed. It was simple USPS Priority and got here in 3 days including the day it took for them to package it up. Not to mention they have stopped using packing peanuts and are instead using this recycled, compostable crinkly paper stuff. I have orded from these guys about 6 times now and have gotten this level of service every time. Man, I just simply love good customer service. These folks have my business from now on. 

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I had a picaxe 40x1 that came in with 1 broken pin. They sent me a new one for free in 3 days. They have the best customer service. That is such a rarity these days. I order from them whenever I can because I know they take care of their customers.
There warranty/CS is really great!
I order from them a lot too. They seem to have just about everything. I hate having to go from one site to another to get everything for a project. 
I've got about 10 order from them and yeah, they rock. There are some things I wish they carried so  I didn't have ot order from other places....but ah well...can't have it all!.