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Command Line Sudo-Sandwich Robot

Well, inspired by xkcd-kid, Bre Bettis and Adam Cecchetti made a functional sandwich-making robot, that can be operated by the command line.

One again. This is the source of inspiration: XKCD-sudo-sandwich.png And this the resulting robot. A good method, to get ideas for new robots. [Repost from Eggshell Robotics]

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It's amazing what xkcd can inspire.
If by "amazing" you also mean "friggin scary" LOL
This is pretty funny to watch. Way back in the early 90s there was a device called Robo-dog in the Industrial Engineering building of the University of Texas at Arlington. It had a conveyed bin that heated the weiners, a pnuematic delivery of buns (with seperation) and pnuematic squirt of ketchup or mustard from containers, for the final product to be conveyed to the waiting "customer". Think they had discussed trying a hamburger version, but not sure where that went.