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Arduino Colour Changer

Simple arduino based colour changer.

Using the PWM outputs of an Arduino board to control an RGB Led array Via a Flash interface.

 By clicking the colour you want on the screen - the flash send the code to Arduino and hey presto that colour appears on the RGB bar......coool

Works well but what to use it for ............


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blinkM's are great for this, you can controll the ful rgb scale over i2c interface and also control fades with realy simple programing.
Excellent suggestion. I'd seen these before but forgotten about them. I just bought some from Amazon - thanks
Are you using three separate PWM outputs to drive one RGB LED, or are you doing something clever to switch one PWM between the three inputs?

Hoi Mike,

Basically 1 PWM output Red - 1 PWM output Green - 1 PWM output Blue.

vary the pulsewidth on each to mix the colours.

Need to shoot a better Video as the RGB cluster i use is quite bright and it doesnt show up well .....

More details here on cooking one up.


ooooooo! That's really nice man. Do you know where I can buy one?
That's pretty cool, where's the RGB bar from? It's arty accessory time, maybe as undercarraige lights for a robot like they have for some cars. Would make a cool video in a dark room. Or maybe a funky night-light. Or aquarium light, to confuse / amuse the fish.




Here is the RGB bar taken apart


I salvage the back light display from an old DVD player (it back-lite the buttons) - one end was fed by a single bright Led - which i replaced with a bright RGB led Chip.

The light basically Shines down just one end and gets diffused by that middle 4mm thick perspex part resulting in a fairly uniform bar of light.

The bottom part fits on top and diffuses and evens out the light.