Let's Make Robots!


Shake your Groove thing!

Just a fun use of the continuous rotation servos. 

First video is DiscoBot II, my entry to the Coolest DiscoBot Video Award


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funny robot!!
This screams "Integrated Domotica!".

I wanted to hook some flashy leds

 what about fitting an IR led to fire some distant lights :D  ? 


I will probably start a disco-bot challenge,   I already have a prize for the winner  

Enjoyed your disco video. 

Yes reaction to sound would add some behaviour patterns........

Did you try fitting smaller 8cm cd disks - it might spin faster........

as the angular velocity remains constant,  the bigger the wheels, the faster it will spin

an other way to make it spin faster is to make the bot as narrow as possible, the angular velocity being inversely proportional to the distance between the wheels

hey, DiscoBot challengers, here is the solution to spin a lot ! 

The second video is great! perhaps you should make it a challenge? The best disco bot video! You've already got an example for others to try and beat :D
nice job.
You should add some led's and lasers to it. It would look very cool in the dark. :D nice work.
I agree, I think there should be another video made. Fire up the lights. Give it a beat detector, add a laser!

Move over disco ball, it's the disco discs!

After watching the first bit I thought you needed some coloured lights and maybe a laser or two. Imagine a dozen of them in the dark with coloured lights and lasers :D