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Beginning Embedded Electronics - Power Supply Kit From Sparkfun

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I remembered that I was sweating for weeks about what should I have for a power supply circuit. However, I came accross this and all of my worries vanished. Everything you need to power your microcontroller project is all in here! The breadboard, the voltage regulator, the capacitors, the wires and more. It even comes with a 9V Wall Wart, and Barrel jack to recieve power from an electrical socket. The best part is that this kit can be altered. You don't want the yellow LED? Simply remove the item from your kit in the checkout screen. I had to do this for the wall wart and the barrel jack. I decided to use a simple 9V battery for my microcontroller project.I definitly recommend this kit if you're starting your first microcontroller project for the first time like me.


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definitly not worth $30 imo... :)
why's that? You know a better place?
Because you can get a decent breadboard for $4, and a power supply for even less. I made a nice benchtop power supply out of an old computer PSU. This way I have +5v and +12v, and others can be added if I want. -12, -5, +3.3v, etc

What you did was very impressive, and I want to do the same thing in the future, but keep in mind that this kit is for beginners. Also, you can remove the unwanted items from the kit. I remembered that when I ordered the kit, I didn't want the wall jack or the barrel jack, so I removed it from the kit.However, I do agree with the breadboard. I can find a much cheaper one. But, you have to admit that there's a lot of room for this breadboard.

If you don't agree with this component, then I'm sorry. I was just recommending an item that I thought would be useful for beginners. 

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