Let's Make Robots!

Vision Technician


The challenge is simple: design an autonomous or remote controlled window cleaner.

It might climb a wall and then scoosh high pressure water at the window. It might climb the window itself in the case of an all-glass building. It might be something you stick on having opened the window. It might use a squeegee or something else...

Umbilicals are acceptable for power, water, control, etc. Of course there is kudos for a self-contained device.

Naturally, there is uber-kudos for autonomy.


Some inspiration can be drawn from:

URAKAMI Window Cleaning Robot

Winrobo-autonomous window cleaning robot

window cleaning robot

Robot cleans windows

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Your pic makes me think of those toy RC cars that run on walls. I wonder if they could handle the extra weight of sensors and a processor?


I think they could. I had one a while ago and it stayed on windows very well. But, you'd have to put rubber on the wheels

Hehe, I like the example image :) That's one approach.