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PICDEM2 and SRF04 Sonar Sensor Help Requested


 I am a beginner.  I have got a PICDEM2 plus starter kit from Microchip. com. 

 I am using an 18F1320 chip that came with the board/kit.  I would like the chip to run a sfr04 sonnar device.  basically if the sonar detects an object then the L.E.D's on the board will light.  I am programming in C and am stuck. 

Has anyone got a programme or could somone please point me in the right direction.

 Any help would be great


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is this programmed in C??


Robot Electronics that makes the sonar has an SRF04 C code example for a 16F877. Could not this be "adjusted" to suit the 18F1320 and your compiler?

I haven't worked with PICs from Microchip yet, but I know others have so I'm sure someone will be able to help. I changed the subject of your post and removed the duplicate post you made by accident. Please try to make your post subject's more detailed. HELP PLEASE isn't a good title. If you make it something more descriptive you are more likely to get help and others with the same problem will be able to find your post and not have to ask the same questions.

 Welcome and I hope someone here is able to help you. When you get it working please make a tutorial/walkthrough to show others how to connect the 2 devices so everyone can learn what you learned :)

Thanks.  Yes I will do that as soon as or if I get it working.  I am new to the robot scene so im hopeing that this will help me develop in robotics and programming.