Let's Make Robots!

Coolest DiscoBot Video Award (new date)



Gentlemen, start your DISCO-Bot(s) !


rules are simple :


  • wheels are DVD / CD / BluRay
  • be autonomous
  • be shining, flashing, blinking, skidding, spinning,...   FUN !!!
  • the award goes to the coolest video
  • multiple DiscoBot is a plus
  • challenge ends on 2009-07-15





The winner will get a KTMS1201 12x1 serial LCD,  which I'll ship worldwide for free



(7segs are able to write some text as well) 40px-7-segment_abefg.svg.png40px-7-segment_def.svg.pnga 40px-7-segment_abcefg.svg.png40px-7-segment_bcdfg.svg.png



Here is my own entry for the contest: 

DiscoBot II - 18.8GB :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr-4hU0B3Kw 


DiscoBot - 9.4GB is here : http://letsmakerobots.com/node/5489 

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My CrapDiscoBot!

What do you mean "it is too late?" :)

I've been too busy lately but should be able to compete now :)

There was no way I was going to make the original deadline. Hell, I'm lucky to be writing this now. I'll be back to my old schedule of nothingness in about six weeks though. With the new end date I should be able to get something done.

In other words; Thanks!

a cool project to do with my daughter. Im in if theres an extension! 

let's give some more time


new date is 2009-07-15 

Hi everyone!

Is there an extension for this challenge? how about extend it until more join. or 3 months.. Just wondering..[evil laugh!!!]

Pity this guy isn't a member, I saw this and thought of you contest. It's different


and i thought omni-wheels were expensive... use HD DVDs :P

Wow: This Justin (video of dancing bot)

via botjunkie (make sure to watch all the other moves of this bot!)

Does 1069-A1 count? /node/2679

Make sure to forward the video to 2:20 for the Disco.