Let's Make Robots!

Coolest DiscoBot Video Award (new date)



Gentlemen, start your DISCO-Bot(s) !


rules are simple :


  • wheels are DVD / CD / BluRay
  • be autonomous
  • be shining, flashing, blinking, skidding, spinning,...   FUN !!!
  • the award goes to the coolest video
  • multiple DiscoBot is a plus
  • challenge ends on 2009-07-15





The winner will get a KTMS1201 12x1 serial LCD,  which I'll ship worldwide for free



(7segs are able to write some text as well) 40px-7-segment_abefg.svg.png40px-7-segment_def.svg.pnga 40px-7-segment_abcefg.svg.png40px-7-segment_bcdfg.svg.png



Here is my own entry for the contest: 

DiscoBot II - 18.8GB :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr-4hU0B3Kw 


DiscoBot - 9.4GB is here : http://letsmakerobots.com/node/5489 

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for sure!

With some flashlight, it's a short-(w)heeled discobot 


Anyway, I still have to find a way to gather the votes (because I won't choose the winner myself)

special attention will be paid to any 'LP' DiscoBot

eight "track"ed bots? get it? "eight", "tracks", huh, huh?
Next thing you'll be suggesting is wax coated cylinders :D
Well, I've already got a disco ball hanging in my workroom. I also have an RSMedia that sings "Dancing Queen" (and dances too). I may just have to try to build something for this.

This should get a few contestants :-)

I'm already working out my entry.