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ehh... what's wrong here?

i just took appart the robot i made to learn to use the picaxe with the manual  when i got to "the flashing LED test" i did what it said but the led didn't light up! yes...   i turned the led the right way!!! and yes the chip was turning the right way!! and yes, the motordriver was taken out! and the yellow servo-thing was also taken out!   im really confused!  and i even tried with and without the darlington-driver?!

what do i do wrong?!?!!         or what can cause this?!?!

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replace your LED, you probably fried it with darlington chip, you need to replace darlington with the yellow resistor chip

i used both a breadboard and the project board :)   none worked....   :(
Try another LED you likely fried it. They can burn out in milliseconds.
Have you tried it with the yellow chip back in? Are you sure the LED works? You only have to hook up an LED the wrong way once for it to stop working.
It could be lots of things. You need to post pics of your circuit. You say you have things correct, but if you did then it would work ;) Please post photos that show how it is hooked up and we can help. You also don't mention if you used a project board (I assume you did) or if you were using a breadboard.