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LED Pain

Hey All,

I've been busy at work on my AMANDA-LDR based rover, making alot of progress. But I've noticed a problem with some of my superbright LEDs. They dim. When I fire one up, it will be fairly bright, but will quickly start getting dimmer until it's not emitting any light at all. If I wait 30 seconds and fire it up, it will still be fairly dim. If I wait 5 minutes and try again, it will be bright, but will still dim. This is consistant with multiple power supplies (picaxe, direct V). Does this mean the LED is just giving out? I hope not, since I've already got it superglued and wired to my chasse ...

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Thanks all! I'll keep you updated in my bummer blog.
you could snip off the LED and use what is left of its leads to solder a new LED on.

Since the LED is garbage anyway, I'd just attack the glue and LED with a knife and some pliers. Maybe crush the led with the pliers first, then use knife and maybe sandpaper to get the small parts of.

Superglue gets really hard, but often gets quite brittle, so you could trying to just snap it of/pull at an angle..

Yeah, it's definately screwed. Thanks for the knowledge. Know a good un-superglue trick? Here are pics.
Super glue the cyno family is great stuff.2000lb strenght. To get it loose use MEK knwon as methyl ethyl keotone. Acetone is a diluted version of mek and may do the trick. WARNING MEK EATS PLASTIC.WARNING MEK IS FALMMABLE.WARNING MEK IS NOT GOOD TO BREATH MUCH OF. WARNING MEK IS............ahhh heck it is bad stuff but used carefully it will work in small quantities. Found at all local harware paint stores.as well as auto supplys too. Course the dremel over there you know the one with the cord remote speed etc.....sure would be handy with the right burr on it to dig it all out!!!

Un-superglue trick? Acetone. Although that would likely un-something the thing the superglue is glued to.

Heat should work too, not unlike removing Loc-Tite (or other thread lock). Just fire up the oxy-acetylene torch and melt it off. Although that would certainly un-something the thing.

There is one way, if the weather is looking stormy and you have a flux capacitor handy....

Failing that, debautery (desoldering and butchery :)

i had a flux capacitor last week, but i tried to solder it as well ...
Sounds like you may have a bad LED or possibly damaged it from too much heat when soldering. LEDs are very sensitive to excess soldering temperature.
what's a good temp?