Let's Make Robots!

Ogre: Cat Splat with attitude

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Hey Mike,

Nice project!  Excellent video.  What are the sensors?  Is it edge detection using offloaded video processing?

Why is this not a "robot"?  This has an autonomous mode, I resent the fact that  this is in your forum. :D

Really nice project.

In case anybody thinks otherwise, this isn't my project, but a video I found on UTube last night (thanks to Wired for the x-ref) - which is why it's in this forum. I think it's awesome, and wish I hade made it.

Ball velocity of 2m/s is pretty scary. Let's hope they are metal balls and can be collected with a magnet.

I'm thinking of trying to replicate the drivetrain for Chaser at some point, but I'm focused on Ratbert just now.

Ok, makes sense now - do you know how the edge detection is done?