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Whack a mole

I'm requesting ideas on how to create a moving part.


How would I create the same mechanism that the game Whack A Mole would use to RAISE and LOWER the moles.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Also, if you know a great website for moving parts in general it would be helpful.


Thank in advanced!


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It's pnumatic. Google "bimba"
how fast does it need to be? are you re-creating whack-a-mole?

thanks for the tip chris.  This is the direction I need to go in.


It doesn't have to be fast at all, and no I'm not recreating whack a mole.  However, I'm trying to recreate the same function that Whack A Mole achieves.


So now, I'm looking for very small pnumatic parts and how to control them. Or if there is another way to create moving parts on a small level.

Many ideas for actuators are listed here.

If speed is not a concern, than a simple DC motor or servo could easily be rigged to create a vertical motion. Use a crank and piston. Or a cam and follower.

Now that would be cool!
hehe, i think your on to somethin rik
Thank you All!

I have a set of wac a mole parts 3 to 4 rams 'Bimba' ( up n down thing ) scoreboard counter and a couple moles . use to own a couple of bars with these machines in them.


frankstevy@gmail.com or 1 888 700 8899 




I think I have found exactly what I'm looking for.  the pneumatic actuators led me in the right direction.  However, since I require something small, my efforts have been focused on using magnetic actuators.


Here's my idea.  A magnet, copper coil, and a power source can be used together to create a horizontal movement of the magnet.  On the magnet is a CAM like solid piece that will create a vertical motion.  


I'm thinking magnets are the smallest way to go here.  Correct me if I'm wrong.



Hi, what about this...They are small 1.5 to 6 v solenoid actuators, some sprins and bars... maybe do the job.