Let's Make Robots!

Quiz: guess what "this" is...

No prize beyond eternal glory. Guess what "this" is. (Newbies, my squares are 5x5 mm.)


Bonus points for pictures that might have inspired "this". Even more points for sketches of possible applications for "this".


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wow i can't wait to see how your experimentation goes!

Wouldn't it be easier to take a mold off an existing track part then use that to cast whatever material you intend to use? or are you going for an organic look?

Plywood can't be melted into a mold you know!

I want bigger than 13 mm. Maybe 53 mm. From pin to pin.

And cheaper, definately cheaper.

Zinc ??  melting temp. is only 420°C
Ally would be lighter.

Are you up at first light?

Uhm, I mean, What is "Ally". (Al alloy?) What melting temp? What cost?

Hmm, would these brazing rods melt in my household foundry? As easy as tin? I suppose they are OK. And less toxic than led (Pb) or tin (Sn)? Are they the same?

Yes I did mean aluminium alloy, in fact I start a new job on Monday where cast aluminium products are made. One of my jobs will be pouring molten aluminium into moulds. (hows that for coincidence?)
I had a look at the site, I could not find any information about the alloy. I suspect it might be similar to some solder I had once that could bond to other metals including aluminium.

Or "tracks", I still don't know if there is a difference.

And yes, I am contemplating some sort of molding process, so I can build my own links. In series. This is a picture of my example. Just found this close up today. I had no idea they were by Futuba. I always assumed Solarbotics.

From this photo I learned the ground touching surface is slightly curved.That makes sense. I'll see if I can work that into my own design.


However, I am not going to mold them out of polyester resin. And I am not going to create 50+ positive molds, so I can cast them in whatever metal. I was hoping to use a different material. And a different process.

The Mystery Continues.... Dun Dun Duhmmmm!

I believe those tracks were co-developed by Dan Gates and a gentleman I can't remember for a robot platform they had in mind. Dan went on to work for Solarbotics and still contracts for them I think. The Futaba moniker only refers to the type of servo spline (25 teeth) the wheel will mate with, as opposed to a HiTec spline (24 teeth).