Let's Make Robots!

Quiz: guess what "this" is...

No prize beyond eternal glory. Guess what "this" is. (Newbies, my squares are 5x5 mm.)


Bonus points for pictures that might have inspired "this". Even more points for sketches of possible applications for "this".


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Would very hot fluidic polymorph work - or have i been out in the sun too long........

stop thinking about pouring

Are You going to chisel out the track from  Polymorph.........

Or inject hot glue with a hot glue gun like an injectiion moulding...

I don't know if you can get it fluidic, I get it very hot in the microwave and it is still very thick.

If you did get it fluidic then you would really need a vacuum chamber so that no air gets trapped in the mould.

I really do worry about air pockets.

and rik, here's the page that inspired you :P (see: Molded Track)


Oh let me guess! Those are to make moulds to cast treads in metal for a giant YDM?
that would be great :P
Big treads made from clay? Now your going from wood to ceramics? Very artsy :D

yeah, let's put that in an oven

really looks like a futaba link kit,  but with no pin,  so no gear can drive this

Is it a jewel?    A wristwatch ? 



a recent topic about DIY treads gave me an idea : let's make chainsaw tracks  [evil laughter]


ultimate cheap but non-slippy  treads for everyone

can be (ab)used for cat-splat purposes