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Finally! Got Arduino+Wii Nunchuck Working...The Right Way!


I've been working on this since Feburary of this year. When I tried to connect the Wii Nunchuck to the Arduino board,I had to do something stupid like creating a seperate H file. I also thought that there was something wrong with Todbot's Wii Nunchuck library because I couldn't get any Wii data from the analog ports. However, I found out today that the "library" was actually an Arduino file! Now, I'm able to get Wii data without creating the H file! I'm so happy now. I think I'll put this knowledge into some good use, like doing the classic "control the servo using the Wii Nunchuck." Thank you for reading this random personal post by me.

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How can I use that Library? I just put in the begining of the sketch???

You might want to take a look at this, it is an arduino/nunchuck tutorial by Tinker, I used the nunchuck a lot to remote control my bots, it is a great controller ;)
Congrats on figuring it out, hope you get to do something cool with it.